Educational Roofing Repair & Installation Experts In Northern New Jersey

Slate Roof Professionals is based in northern New Jersey and provides top quality service. Our professional, experienced staff has a well-respected reputation for helping school systems with all types of roofing installation and repair. We have the experience necessary to provide the highest quality work for schools of any size.

We provide quality roofing services to public school districts, private and charter schools, and colleges and universities. We understand that a school’s roof must be safe and durable as well as provide a secure environment for students and teachers. We understand your safety concerns around a roof repair or installation. We work with schools so that students and teachers are safe during school hours and classrooms are safe after hours.

Furthermore, we aim to limit the noise and distractions that come with a roofing project. We work quickly and efficiently to repair or install your school’s roof with the least amount of interruption to make sure you can focus on teaching students.

We will inspect your school’s roof and provide an estimate for repairs or replacement based on your school’s circumstances. We will install a high-quality roof that lasts using the roofing materials that best fit your needs. We work to provide high-performance solutions that reduce energy costs, improve indoor air quality, and improve the health and safety of the students and teachers.

Why choose Slate Roof Professionals

When you choose Slate Roof Professionals for your roofing needs, you can rest easy knowing that your roof is in good hands. Our company has the following:

  • Fully licensed to work in the state of New Jersey
  • Insured
  • A proven reputation for providing quality services throughout our service area
  • Committed to ongoing professional training to ensure quality installations
  • 100 percent OSHA compliant to ensure the safety of our employees and customers
  • Certified by the New Jersey Department of Building and Construction
  • A member of the National Roofing Contractors Association

Educational Building Roofing Services include the following:

  • Free estimates
  • Comprehensive maintenance, repair, and roof installation services
  • Roof management services to extend the life of the roof

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For over 30 years, we’ve proudly served nearby New Jersey communities. If your school needs professional roofing services, we can help. Our team’s commitment will help you get the best value for your school. Contact us today for a free estimate.