Snow Dogs
No, we’re not talking about huskies pulling sleds across the Yukon. In the roofing industry, snow dogs (also called snow guards, snow birds, or snow brakes) are an important snow management tool to install on sloped metal, shingle, cedar, and slate roofs. What is a snow dog? Snow dogs are angled brackets that we attach permanently to your roof. These guards protect your roof from the hazards of winter precipitation by helping snow and ice
Preserve the Past with Recycled Slate Roofs
Damage from natural disasters, a change in home ownership (and desire for a different type of roof), or planned demolition of a building are reasons why old slate roofs are removed. But that doesn’t mean a slate roof’s life is over. As befits our name, we love slate roofs and hate to see older slates torn off and tossed rather than recycled. That’s right—with proper removal and care, slates can be recycled and repurposed. By
Protecting Historical Roofs from Severe Weather
The elegance of historical roofs cannot be denied, especially if you are a fan of older homes and buildings like we are. Appreciated for their beauty and longevity, these roofs—usually of slate, clay, wood, or metal—require a different level of care and attention than asphalt shingles. That means taking proactive measures to protect historical roofs from severe weather throughout the year, and preserve their value and classic look for many years. In northern NJ, where
We are blessed in northern NJ and Westchester County, NY, to have many homes and public buildings that date back to the Colonial and early American eras, through the Victorian age and the early part of the 20th century. This opens the door to various roofing options when trying to restore or refurbish these historical buildings. As we shared in a previous post, historical buildings provide an important link to our past. They often hold
Beautiful historic roof restoration in New Jersey.
Beyond simply protecting property, the roof on a historic building also serves as a vital part of the character, significance, and history of that structure. Damage caused by harsh weather, fallen objects, and simply the passage of time can leave the underlying building prone to structural issues such as water damage and pests. When restoring an historic roof, extra care needs to be taken to protect the integrity and distinction the roof brings to the