About Slate Roof Professionals of Cedar Grove, New Jersey

For over 30 years, Slate Roof Professionals of Cedar Grove, New Jersey has been servicing the Tri-State area performing complete slate, tile and copper roof restorations and repairs at competitive prices. Slate Roof Professionals has performed thousands of restoration projects including churches, colleges and universities, municipal, historical restorations and private residences.

What makes us different? A premier installer, Slate Roof Professionals provides a variety of services in addition to roof restoration and repair – including chimney pointing and rebuilding, waterproofing, custom carpentry, painting, energy efficient window replacement, masonry, stucco and more – all under one roof. No more waiting for multiple contractors for a variety of quotes. Slate Roof Professionals will save you time so you can enjoy doing the things that you want to be doing.

Certified by the State of New Jersey Department of Building and Construction and members of the Slate Roofing Contractors Association of North America, National Roofing Contractors Association, North East Roofers Association and New Jersey Business & Industry, Slate Roof Professionals employs experienced and talented professionals to handle all of your roofing and restoration needs.

If you’re planning a renovation, restoration or repairs/replacement to any slate, copper, tile, wood or shingle roof, contact us today for a quote.

Slatemaster Warranty


Slate Roof Professionals hereby warranties that during a period of 10 years from said date of completion of roof, Slate Roof Professionals will pay all cost to the extent of repairs necessary to correct roof leaks resulting from the following causes:

1. Errors or mistakes in workmanship.
2. Slippage of roofing membrane or base flashing.
3. Splits in roofing or flashing membrane except those caused by structural failure.
4. Deterioration of membrane resulting from usual and ordinary effects.


This warranty does not cover, and Slate Roof Professionals will not be liable for leaks or other failures from the following causes:

a. Roof maintenance for corrections of conditions other than leaks.
b. Damage from ponded water, freezing water, ice back-up.
c. Natural disasters including but not limited to floods, lightning, hail, earthquakes,Hurricanes, tornadoes, windstorm, gales, etc.
d. Structural movement or failures resulting in settling, sifting, distorting, splitting or cracking of roof decks, walls, girders, partitions, foundations, ponding of water, etc.
e. Changes in the original principal usage to which building is put unless approved in advance in writing by us.
f. Erection or construction of any additional installation on or through the roof membrane or base flashing after date of completion unless in a manner prescribed and accepted by Slate Roof professionals.
g. Under no circumstances whatsoever shall the company be liable for damages to interior, consequential damage, loss of profits or rents, or contents of building.
h. Breaks in flashing strips over gravel stop or other metal flanges.
i. Failure to comply with contract for the sum of moneys due, and failure to complete payments as prescribed will also void all warranties due.

In the event leaks from any cause should occur, owner shall notify Slate Roof Professionals promptly. Slate Roof Professionals will inspect the roof and if cause of leak is within the coverage as stated above, Slate Roof Professionals will arrange for repairs to be made at no cost to owner. If cause of leak is not covered, Slate Roof Professionals will not be responsible for cost of any repairs.

This warranty is non-transferable. Mandatory inspections and transfer fees to be paid by new owner prior to issuance.

– Terry Lowe – President