Roofing FAQs

1. Do you clean slate roofs?

Yes! We will soft wash and hand scrub your slate roof with the appropriate solution to remove 100 years of tree sap, dirt and grime. We also conduct routine inspections and maintenance and perform prompt and expert repairs to preserve the beauty and durability of your slate roof.

2. Can you preserve my slate roof or do I need to replace it with shingles?

Most slate roofs can be saved. Contact us before you contact a shingle roofer who advertises they work on slate roofs. They are typically only interested in replacing your slate roof with shingles! In most cases, we can preserve your slate roof.

3. Do you repair Yankee gutters?

Yes, our skilled carpenters will repair, rebuild, reline, re-slope, and replace Yankee gutters. They can help you address drainage problems today to prevent future damage to your home’s foundation. Read more about Yankee gutters.

4. How long will it take to remove and replace my roof?

Most roofs, depending on size, take a minimum of 4 to 8 days, depending on weather conditions.

5. How will you protect my property during the roofing process?

Your roof will always be covered and watertight. We will cover all plants and shrubs with weather-resistant tarps. We will remove all debris, including raking, sweeping, and wheeled magnets to pickup loose metal and nails. We provide a dumpster on masonry planks to protect the surface of your driveway. An open attic space can be re-lined with plastic to prevent dust and debris.

6. Do I have to obtain a permit?

No permits are required for residential roofing work. They are required for commercial work and we will obtain them for you.

7. Do I have to be home during the process?

No, but please give us a number where you can be reached, in case we have any questions. We can also send you progress photos if you are working, away on business or on vacation.

8. How long does a slate or tile roof last?

Slate roof systems are a durable, long-lasting roofing solution with a lifetime of 100+ years.  The lifespan for a tile roof is generally around 150 years—still far longer than other roofing materials. When cleaned and maintained, a slate or tile roof will protect your home and look beautiful for generations.

9. What are the black streaks on my slate roof?

Air pollution, tree sap, impurities in the atmosphere and organic matter can cause black streaks on a slate roof. These black streaks will not harm your slate roof and they can be cleaned by washing. Contact us for a roof cleaning estimate.

10. How should I prepare my slate roof for winter?

Preparing your slate roof for winter begins with a thorough inspection. Assess any noticeable damage and have these issues repaired right away before wind, snow, and ice come. At Slate Roof Professionals, we highly recommend doing any waterproofing measures before winter to avoid leaks and damage to your home. Read up on our winter preparations for your slate roof in our blog article.

11. What types of roofs do you work on?

Although “slate” is in our name, the team at Slate Roof Professionals works on all types of roofs and roofing materials. In addition to slate roofs, we install, repair, and maintain tile roofs (Ludowici, French, barrel, and terracotta tiles), shingle roofs, wood roofs, and copper roofs on New Jersey and the tri-state area homes. We also work on commercial, municipal, and educational buildings.

12. What if my roof gets damaged while I’m away for the winter?

Winter weather in New Jersey can stress a roof due to snow, ice, and high winds—and if you are away during the winter, you need to know your roof damage will be addressed on a timely basis. Our Snowbird Program offers 24/7 access to maintenance and repairs by our expert roof repair team within 24 hours after we’ve been contacted about roof damage at your NJ residence.

13. Do you offer a warranty?

Yes, Slate Roof Professionals offers a 10-year, transferable warranty that begins upon completion of the roof installation. The warranty covers the costs of repairs needed to correct roof leaks resulting from errors in workmanship, slipping of the roofing membrane or base flashing, or deterioration of the membrane resulting from usual and ordinary effects. Exclusions include damage from natural disasters, ponded or freezing water or ice back-up, structural movement, certain construction matters, and changes in the building’s original principal usage. Read our full roof warranty here.

14. How often should I have my roof inspected?

At Slate Roof Professionals, we usually recommend having your roof inspected at least once a year. Regular roof inspections are essential for identifying any potential issues early on and addressing them before they turn into BIG problems. Learn more in this roof inspection blog post.