Residential Roofing Repair & Installation Experts In Northern New Jersey

Slate Roof Professionals, based in Cedar Grove New Jersey is a well-established company with a professional staff of factory-trained slate roof experts. Our customers can count on us to provide the highest quality roof products and workmanship for residential and historic homes. We’re focused on customer satisfaction and top-quality service. We’re certified by the New Jersey Department of Building and Construction, and we’re a member of the National Roofing Contractors Association.

Your home is your largest investment, and it protects your family, your property, and your pets. A properly installed and maintained roof will add value to your home. Whether you choose slate, tile, copper, or synthetic products, you’ll add value to a house of any size or style by enhancing the appearance and strengthening the structural integrity of the roof. Whether you need roof repair or roof replacement, Slate Roof Professionals can meet your needs.

How do you know when to repair or replace your roof?

With regular maintenance such as repair after storms, residential roofing will typically last for many years. Eventually, your roof will need to be replaced. Our trained roof professionals can inspect your roof for damage. We begin in the attic, where we look for beams of light coming through the house. Also, we’ll check for stains that indicate a leaking roof.

Next, we’ll inspect the roof itself. Here are some signs that indicate your roof needs to be replaced:

  • Curled or buckled shingle edges
  • Bald spots on shingles where granules are missing
  • Cracked or damaged shingles
  • Missing shingles
  • Age of the roof (your roof is over 20 years old)

Roofing Systems Offered

At Slate Roof Professionals, we offer roofing products for a variety of residential roof types. Some of the types of roofs include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Flat roof to allow for solar panels or a garden
  • Pyramid hip roof with four sloping sides
  • Gable roof with two sloping sides
  • Shed roof with a single slope

Project Gallery

At Slate Roof Professionals, our experienced staff will inspect your roof and provide a quote for repairs or replacement based on your needs. No matter what type of roof materials you choose, we will install a high-quality roof that lasts. Whether you need an emergency repair or evaluation of years of wear and tear, our team will help you maximize the return on your investment in your home. Contact us today for an estimate.