At Slate Roof Professionals we get many inquiries about installing a new roof. More specifically, customers ask, “Can I install a new roof over an existing one?” The answer is, it depends on several factors, including your existing roof’s materials and its condition. We know that roofing projects are a major home investment, but putting new shingles over old ones is often a penny-wise, pound-foolish solution. In general, you can only install new asphalt roofing
historic preservation
Preserving the historical integrity of buildings is a noble endeavor that contributes to the cultural heritage of our communities. When it comes to historic roof restorations, preservation societies are a key player in ensuring the authenticity and accuracy of the process. These organizations play a vital role in guiding and safeguarding the restoration of historic roofs, maintaining their architectural significance, and preserving the stories they hold.  Let’s take a deeper dive into the role these
What is the best time to replace a roof?
The best time of year to replace a roof can vary depending on various factors, including your location, climate, and specific circumstances. However, there are a few general considerations to keep in mind: Weather conditions It’s typically ideal to schedule roof replacements during seasons with more favorable weather conditions. Aim for a time when there is a lower chance of rain, snow, or extreme temperatures that could hinder the installation process. Spring and fall In
Tips for Extending the Lifespan of Your Roof
Installing a new roof is a major capital investment for most homeowners. Plus, your roof is a critical part of your home’s infrastructure that keeps you and your family safe and sheltered from the elements. Therefore, you want to do whatever you can to extend the lifespan of your roof to maximize your ROI and minimize costly repairs. Regardless of the typical life expectancy of your roof’s materials (asphalt, metal, slate or other tile), you
Understanding Roofing Warranties: What You Need to Know
Congratulations! You’ve made a wonderful investment in a new roof to protect and beautify your home. Depending on the roofing material chosen, you should enjoy your roof for many years. A roofing warranty protects that investment. But many homeowners don’t understand roofing warranties—what they cost, cover and exclude. Types of roofing warranties Warranties vary in cost and coverage, depending on the roofing materials (slate, tile, copper, wood, or asphalt shingles) and the party issuing the