Skylight Repair & Installation Experts In Northern New Jersey

At Slate Roof Professionals, we offer professional skylight installation and repair services for residential homes throughout Northern New Jersey. Our roofing professionals provide the highest-quality customer service, and we have the experience necessary to install the skylight of your choice.

Benefits of skylights

  • Let in three times as much natural light as a vertical window of the same size
  • Increase the value of your home
  • Energy efficient
  • Appeal to “green” buyers, or those looking for homes with natural sources of light

Types of skylights

  • Fixed skylight – sealed to the roof and does not open for ventilation. It’s used in low-lit areas such as the attic or stairwell.
  • Ventilated skylight – opens to let out moisture and to keep a constant flow of fresh air circulating in the room. Ventilated skylights work well in kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Curb-mounted skylight – works well in any room. The curb needs to be double-walled and insulated to help retain heat in the home. Curb-mounted skylights are the best choice to avoid leaks.
  • Tubular skylight – ideal for when there is not much roof space for a fixed or ventilated skylight.

Replacing existing skylights

Your home may have skylights installed already, and you may be wondering when to replace them. We encourage you to replace or install skylights at the same time as you replace your roof. This is because the process of replacing the roof can impact the integrity of existing skylights, causing them to leak. While some skylights may make it through the roofing installation process intact, if you decide to replace them several years later, your roof could be damaged.

Other reasons to replace existing skylights include leaks, condensation, cracks and age. If your existing skylights are over 10 years old, they will likely not be energy efficient.

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At Slate Roof Professionals, our experienced staff will provide a quote for skylight installation. No matter what type of skylight you choose, we ensure our high-quality workmanship will meet your needs. We guarantee your satisfaction. Contact us today for a quote.