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Another 5-Star #slate roof repair in #Montclair #NewJersey

Part of this work involved adding snow guards to the roof and repairing slate around the skylights at the rear of this beautiful Montclair home. Our masons and roofers know how to expertly repair and restore historic slate roofs.

Why snow guards? Because a cubic foot of solid ice would plummet to the ground like a 57 pound rock. Property owners can be liable for damage or injury from avalanching snow if it could have been prevented by proper maintenance. That’s why the Slate Roof Professionals team add these guards – which are also called snow dogs, snow birds, and snow stops – for our clients who have historic slate roofs. They hold snow on the roof, preventing avalanching. This helps avoid damage to people, cars, landscaping and other property that may be in the fall zone below. Further, they prevent damage to the gutters on the home, which can be ripped off or bent by suddenly sliding frozen water.

Slate Roof Professionals team

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