Yankee Gutters Repair Experts In Northern New Jersey

What are Yankee gutters?

Yankee gutters are fairly common on older slate roofs on historic homes. They are also called Philadelphia gutters, pole gutters, flush gutters and standing gutters. This gutter system is built on the plane of the roof, unlike box gutters, so they aren’t visible along the roofline of the house.

Dating back to the 18th century, Yankee gutters consist of a V- or U-shaped wooden trough lined with metal—usually copper or terne-coated steel—that directs water away from the house.

Maintaining your home’s gutter system

Preserving your Yankee gutters maintains the aesthetics of your historic home’s façade.  These gutters require regular inspection and sealing to prevent overspill. On the positive side, they are less prone to clogs and obstructions.

At Slate Roof Professionals of Northern New Jersey, our team of skilled carpenters can help you avoid overspill and drainage issues arising from a damaged or under-maintained gutter system.

Our skilled carpenters repair, rebuild, reline, re-slope, and replace Yankee gutters, while maintaining historical integrity. Additionally, our team can help you address drainage problems now to prevent future damage to your home’s foundation.

These expert craftsmen can add custom improvements including siding, trim, and specialty milled moldings. Our team of carpenters know how to maintain the original vision of your home or building and how also to enhance its unique architectural style.

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If you’re in need of experienced Yankee gutter repair experts, contact us now to request an estimate.