Religious Roofing Repair & Installation Experts In Northern New Jersey

Slate Roof Professionals, based in Cedar Grove New Jersey provides our customers with the highest quality roof products and workmanship for churches and other houses of worship. We work to limit the noise and distractions that come with any roofing project. We pride ourselves on working quickly and efficiently to repair or install your church, synagogue or mosque roof with the least amount of interruption. Our roofing professionals have over 30 years of experience preserving roofs on historical houses of worship and repairing and installing roofs on newer buildings as well.

Roofing services offered for religious institutions

We offer the following services for houses of worship:

  • Leaky roof repair: If the roof of your church or house of worship is leaking, we can assess your roof and provide you with options for repair. Some options include placing shingles over the problem area, removing shingles and replacing them with new ones, or replacing the roof.
  • Replacing shingles: If your roof has sustained damage from a storm or wind, it might be possible to replace only the damaged shingles.
  • Replacing the roof: If your roof has extensive damage or is over 20 years old, you will want to consider replacing the roof.

Places of worship are pillars in the community, and over time, the elements wear on the roofs of these buildings just as they do any other building. These roofs protect the rest of the structure as well as the artifacts within it. At Slate Roof Professionals, we have extensive experience conducting roof repairs and roof replacements as well as installing roofs on newly constructed buildings. We have worked on houses of worship of all sizes, pitches, ages, and materials. Installing a roof on a church or other house of worship is different from installing a roof on a home or commercial property. Churches and houses of worship have unique structural requirements including non-standard features such as parapets, concealed gutters, and steeples. These features are best addressed by specially trained, professional roofers.

Working with churches and houses of worship presents unique challenges for which Slate Roof Professionals is prepared. Because congregations often need to conduct repairs under strict budgets while maintaining building occupancy, we work with congregations to develop a schedule for roof maintenance or installation that will allow them to continue using the building. We have high safety standards to ensure both workers and congregants remain safe throughout the project.

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At Slate Roof Professionals, we will do an inspection to help you determine the best option for your house of worship. Contact us today for an inspection and free estimate.