Spring Maintenance for Your Slate Roof

You may find that after months of harsh winter weather, your slate roof is in need of some TLC to keep it looking beautiful for spring, with the continued performance you expect. Let’s take a look at some maintenance tips for your slate roof ahead of the spring season.

Assess Any Damage

Winter weather in North Jersey often brings heavy snow, rains, high winds, sheets of ice, and very low temperatures. This can lead to damage to both your slate tiles and flashings. At the end of the season, ahead of warmer weather, have your slate roof inspected for any cracked or shifted tiles and any damaged flashings. To ensure any problems don’t get worse over time and lead to even costlier repairs, it’s best to address these issues as soon as possible.

A roofing professional will be able to examine your roof and determine the repairs necessary. At Slate Roof Professionals, our expert roofers seamlessly replace or repair damaged slate tile, to ensure your roof is functioning optimally and that you get an exact color match. We also will repair broken flashings and repair any hip and ridge pieces that have shifted out of place due to snow, ice, and wind.

Check for Water

If you do find damage to your tiles and flashings, it’s important to take a closer look to make sure there isn’t additional water damage lurking beneath the surface. Heavy ice, melting snow, sleet, and rain can cause cracks and gaps in your roof, leading to leaks, mold, and other moisture buildup. It’s a good idea to tackle these issues early on and when you have a stretch of good weather ahead of you.

Clean Your Gutters

Early spring in New Jersey is often a rainy season. Since gutters work to keep excess water moving away from your home, clean gutters are imperative to a properly functioning, well-maintained roof. Be sure to clear away wet leaves and other debris that built up in your gutters and downspouts over the winter. This minimizes the risk of water backing up against your home, which can lead to water damage to your home’s roof and interior structures.

In the case of Yankee gutters, our professional roofers and carpenters can repair and maintain the aesthetic of this particular gutter system, often found alongside slate roofs. One proactive measure, which will pay off next season, is to install snow guards on your slate roof to protect your gutters.

The best way to guarantee your roof is in top condition for spring is to have it examined by an expert roofer. Slate Roof Professionals services homes, houses of worship, and historic buildings throughout North Jersey, Central Jersey, and Westchester County, NY. When it’s time to have your slate roof examined, repaired, or restored after the harsh winter season, slate roof for an appointment.